Lukas Simmer «IMPERFECTIONS» (Nima Gorji Remix)

Lukas Simmer has a solid grounding in the world of composing and producing music. Is making his debut here on Jesus Was Black with this strong package, Imperfections EP. This album accomplishes dark deep style with a growing atmosphere that evolves into a psychedelic sound. Nima Gorji round off the package, delivering a wonderfully restrained remix, very deep and laden with low subby bass tones.
Support by Alejandro Vivanco, Easy Changes, Michael Melchner, Hermanez, Maetrik, Alexkid, Chasing Blondes, Danny Tenaglia, Ibiza Sonica.

JWB016 «PUSH CAT» Andre Butano & Felipe Galleguillos

Jesus Was Black goes to Chile thanks to the new vinyl release by the hand of producer Andre Butano & Felipe. Push Cat EP, the artists first release for the label, is a refreshing fusion of the organic beats and the avant-garde music. The title track brings on an underground micro house essence with a thick bass rhythm and crazy voices. The EP features two cold remixes from the spanish talent Jairo Catelo (Darkroom Dubs, Plastic City) with his bubbling synths and house rhythms making a master deep piece. Jorge Savoretti (Viva Music, Little Helpers) make it with hypnotic broken beats and maintains the deep feel that brought him to Jesus Was Black. Closing the Ep we can find an awesome original track like -Rework- with vinyl popping accents and a couple of vocal hooks, a track to make everyone sweat on the dance floor.